The 1st Principle of Happiness As with any journey, the first step is the most difficult It is also
necessary if we are to take control of our happiness.
We must admit that we alone are responsible for our happiness.
Not circumstances. Not others. Just ourselves,
We can give many reasons for our unhappiness but the truth is
that these are not reasons but excuses.
We are reluctant to give up the ease and comfort of blaming
circumstances or others for our unhappiness. By allocating blame
outside ourselves, we excuse ourselves from the effort of
Responsibility means accepting the consequences of our actions.
But when we accept responsibility we also assume control. If we
deny responsibility, we forfeit control.
As soon as we assume responsibility we are able to begin making
changes. Immediately. Without waiting for any change in others
or circumstances. The only one who must change is me, the one
person in this world over whom I do have control.

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